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GRN Ids-Submitted List Thank You

Image of Unitrunker monitor program for trunking networks like the GRN

Just for reference, Most current modern scanner use a control channel only system so you dont need to put every frequency in the scanner for the sites near you.
But for UBCT8, UBC780XLTS, and UBC245XLT you will need the control channels and all the voice channels
so here are the ones that work around Newcastle
Site 13 Mt Sugarloaf
Site 14 New Lambton
416.2500 cc
417.7500 bu
Site 15 Broken Back (Cessnock)
Site 16 Gan Gan
416.1375 cc
416.8875 bu
Site 50 (New) Dungog
*some sites make reference to extra channels but these are unitrunker(explanation coming soon) listed
<Jan 08 correct>

Click here to program your 245/780xlt for the GRN

752,Energy Australia,NSW,General,General Maintenance Comms,
756,Energy Australia,NSW,General,General Maintenance Comms,
800,Energy Australia,NSW,General,General Maintenance Comms,
4992,Sydney Water,,Unit Communications,,
5296,Sydney Water,,Unit Communications,,
6416,Corrective Serv ,Hunter Region,Transport Unit,Transport Comms,
7008,Corrective Serv ,Sydney,Sierra Base,Control Centre,
7168,Sheriffs Dept,,Law Enforcement,General Communications,
7200,Sheriffs Dept,,Law Enforcement,General Communications,
7216,Sheriffs Dept,North Shore,Law Enforcement,General Communications,
7232,Sheriffs Dept,West 1,Law Enforcement,General Communications,
7248,Sheriffs Dept,West/Sth West,Law Enforcement,General Communications,
7280,Sheriffs Dept,Illawarra 1,Law Enforcement,General Communications,
7328,Sheriffs Dept,Courts NSW,Law Enforcement,General Communications,
7344,Sheriffs Dept,Administration,Law Enforcement,General Communications
8112,ACA,,,Operation Olympics 2000
8192,Care Flight Chop,NSW,Care Flight Base,Chopper Comms
9808,RTA/TMC,,TMC,Traffic Management
9824,RTA/TMC,,TMC,Traffic Announcements
9872,RTA/TMC,NSW North,TMC,North Maintenance
10064,RTA/TMC,Newcastle Ch 2,,Pos. RTA
10080,RTA/TMC,Newcastle Ch 3,,Pos. RTA
12832,NSWFB,,,Appliance Comms
12976,NSWFB City,City Group,Sydney Comms,Appliance Comms
12992,NSWFB Syd Nth,Sydney North,Sydney Comms,Appliance Comms
13008,NSWFB North,North,,Appliance Comms
13024,NSWFB Sth West,South West,Sydney Comms,Appliance Comms
13040,NSWFB South,South ,Sydney Comms,Appliance Comms
13056,NSWFB Blue Mount,Blue Mountains,,Appliance Comms
13072,NSWFB Blue Mnts2,Blue Mountains 2,Katoomba Comms,Appliance Comms
13088,NSWFB Newc Grp,Newcastle Group,Newcastle Common,""""""" Newctle Comms Nmbr 803"
13104,NSWFB Newcastle,Newcastle,Newcastle Comms,Appliance Comms
13120,NSWFB Newcastle,Newcastle,Newcastle Comms,Appliance Comms
13136,NSWFB Gosf/Hnter,Gosford Hunter,Newcastle Comms,Appliance Comms
13152,NSWFB Gosf/Hnter,Gosford Hunter,Newcastle Comms,Appliance Comms
13168,NSWFB Hunter 1,Hunter 1,Newcastle Comms,Appliance Comms
13184,NSWFB Wolgng Grp,Wollongong Grp,Wollongong Comms,Appliance Comms
13200,NSWFB Wollngong1,Wollongong 1,Wollongong Comms,Appliance Comms
13216,NSWFB Wollngong2,Wollongong 2,Wollongong Comms,Appliance Comms
13232,NSWFB Gouldburn,Goulburn,Sydney Comms,Appliance Comms
13248,NSWFB Gouldburn,Gouldburn,Sydney Comms,Appliance Comms
13264,NSWFB Katmba Grp,Katoomba Group,Katoomba Comms,Appliance Comms
13280,NSWFB Blue Mnts1,Blue Mountains 1,Katoomba Comms,Appliance Comms
13296,NSWFB SO 1,Blue Mountains,Special Operations 1,Major Incidents Comms
13312,NSWFB SO 2,NSW,Special Operations 2,Major Incidents Comms
13328,NSWFB SO 3,NSW,Special Operations 3,Major Incidents Comms
13344,NSWFB SO 4,NSW,Special Operations 4,Major Incidents Comms
13360,NSWFB SO 5,NSW,Special Operations 5,Major Incidents Comms
13376,NSWFB SO 6,NSW,Special Operations 6,Major Incidents Comms
13392,NSWFB SO 7,NSW,Special Operations 7,Major Incidents Comms
13408,NSWFB SO 8,NSW,Special Operations 8,Major Incidents Comms
13424,NSWFB SO 9,NSW,Special Operations 9,Major Incidents Comms
13440,NSWFB SO 10,NSW,Special Operations 10,Major Incidents Comms
13456,NSWFB SO 11,NSW,Special Operations 11,Major Incidents Comms
13472,NSWFB SO 12,NSW,Special Operations 12,Major Incidents Comms
13488,NSWFB SO 13,NSW,Special Operations 13,Major Incidents Comms
13504,NSWFB SO 15,NSW,Special Operations 15,Major Incidents Comms
13522,NSWFB SO 17,NSW,Special Operations 17,Major Incidents Comms
13536,NSWFB SO 16,NSW,Special Operations 16,Major Incidents Comms
13568,NSWFB SO 18,NSW,Special Operations 18,Major Incidents Comms
13584,NSWFB SO 19,NSW,Special Operations 19,Major Incidents Comms
13600,NSWFB SO 20,NSW,Special Operations 20,Major Incidents Comms
13616,NSWFB NSW Wide,NSW,Operational Support,State Wide Comms
13632,NSWFB Radio Tech,NSW,Communications,Radio Maintenance
13648,NSWFB Property,NSW,Property,General Comms
13664,NSWFB Fleet,NSW,Fleet Maintenance,General Comms
13680,NSWFB Admin,NSW,Administration,General Comms
13696,NSWFB Vehicle Mt,NSW,Mechanical,General Comms
13712,NSWFB SFC,NSW,Operational Comms,SFC ?
13728,NSWFB Engineers,NSW,Engineering,General Comms
13744,NSWFB Prevention,NSW,Fire Prevention Unit,General Comms
13760,NSWFB Training,NSW,Training,General Comms BA callsign
13776,NSWFB Hazmat,NSW,BA Hazmat,BA ?
13792,NSWFB/RFS Liase,NSW,Bush Fire Reserve,Liaison channel
13808,NSWFB Fire Invgn,NSW,Fire Investigation Unit,General Comms
13824,NSWFB Ops Group,NSW,Operations Group,
13856,NSWFB Disaster 1,NSW,Disaster Recovery 1,Special Operations
13872,NSWFB Disaster 3,NSW,Disaster Recovery 3,Special Operations
13888,NSWFB Disaster 4,NSW,Disaster Recovery 4,Special Operations
13904,NSWFB Disaster 5,NSW,Disaster Recovery 5,Special Operations
13920,NSWFB Disaster 6,NSW,Disaster Recovery 6,Special Operations
13936,NSWFB Disaster 7,NSW,Disaster Recovery 7,Special Operations
13952,NSWFB Disaster 8,NSW,Disaster Recovery 8,Special Operations
13968,NSWFB Disaster 9,NSW,Disaster Recovery 9,Special Operations
13984,NSWFB Disaster10,NSW,Disaster Recovery 10,Special Operations
14000,NSWFB Disaster11,NSW,Disaster Recovery 11,Special Operations
14016,NSWFB Disaster12,NSW,Disaster Recovery 12,Special Operations
14032,NSWFB Disaster13,NSW,Disaster Recovery 13,Special Operations
14048,NSWFB Disaster14,NSW,Disaster Recovery 14,Special Operations
14064,NSWFB Disaster15,NSW,Disaster Recovery 15,Special Operations
14080,NSWFB Disaster16,NSW,Disaster Recovery 16,Special Operations
14096,NSWFB Disaster 2,NSW,Disaster Recovery 2,Special Operations
14560,NSWFB PMR Link,Bogan,PMR Link,Appliance Comms
14576,NSWFB PMR Link,Lachlan,PMR Link,Appliance Comms
16064,,,,Poss NSWFB or SES
16496,Hunter Water Brd,Newcastle,,Unit Communications
16816,Hunter Ports Ath,Newcastle,,Unit Communications
17024,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Hurstville Civil 1,Engineer
17040,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Hurstville Civil 2,Engineer
17065,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Wollongong Civil 1,Engineer
17088,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Wollongong Civil 2,Engineer
17104,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Hurstville Signals 1,Signal Use General
17120,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Hurstville Signals 2,Signal Use General
17136,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Wollongong Signals 1,Signal Use General
17152,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Wollongong Signals 2,Signal Use General
17168,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Hurstville Electrical 1,Electricians
17184,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Hurstville Electrical 2,Electricians
17200,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Wollongong Electrical 1,Electricians
17216,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Wollongong Electrical 2,Electricians
17232,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Production 1,Track and Signal Maintenance
17248,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Production 2,Track and Signal Maintenance
17264,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Survey 1,Surveyors
17280,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Survey 2,Surveyors
17296,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Inner Illa Line Mng 1,General
17312,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Inner Illa Line Mng 2,General
17328,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Outer Illa Line Mng 1,General
17344,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Outer Illa Line Mng 2,General
17360,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Train Service 1,Cleaners
17376,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Train Service 2,Cleaners
17392,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Fleet Manager,Cleaners
17408,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Civil,Engineer
17424,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Electrical,Electricians
17440,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Signals,Signal Use General
17456,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Region 1,Track and Signal Maintenance
17472,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Region 2,Track and Signal Maintenance
17488,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Illawarra Broadcast,
17584,CityRail ,CityRail Network,CityRail Signals,Signal Use General
17600,CityRail ,CityRail Network,CityRail Electrical,Electricians
17616,CityRail ,CityRail Network,CityRail Civil,Engineer
17632,CityRail ,CityRail Network,CityRail Broadcast,
17664,CityRail ,CityRail Network,,Newcastle Comms
18272,CityRail Sec 1,CityRail Network,Security 1,Station Security Comms
18288,CityRail Sec 2,CityRail Network,Security 2,Station Security Comms
18304,CityRail Sec 3,CityRail Network,Security 3,Station Security Comms
18320,CityRail Sec 4,CityRail Network,Security 4,Station Security Comms
18336,CityRail RPSO 1,CityRail Network,Rev Prot Spec 1 ,Revenue Protection Spec Ops
18352,CityRail RPSO 2,CityRail Network,Rev Prot Spec 2,Revenue Protection Spec Ops
18368,CityRail RPSO 3,CityRail Network,Rev Prot Spec 3,Revenue Protection Spec Ops
18384,CityRail RPSO 3,CityRail Network,Rev Prot Spec 4,Revenue Protection Spec Ops
18400,CityRail SO 1,CityRail Network,Special Ops 1,Special Operations General
18416,CityRail SO 2,CityRail Network,Special Ops 2,Special Operations General
18432,CityRail SO 3,CityRail Network,Special Ops 3,Special Operations General
18448,CityRail Sth 1,CityRail Network,South 1,Revenue Protection Operations
18464,CityRail Sth 2,CityRail Network,South 2,Revenue Protection Operations
18480,CityRail Blk 1,CityRail Network,Blacktown 1,Revenue Protection Operations
18496,CityRail Blk 2,CityRail Network,Blacktown 2,Revenue Protection Operations
18512,CityRail Iwra 1,CityRail Network,Illawarra 1,Revenue Protection Operations
18528,CityRail Iwra 2,CityRail Network,Illawarra 2,Revenue Protection Operations
18554,CityRail SthCst1,CityRail Network,South Coast 1,Revenue Protection Operations
18560,CityRail SthCst2,CityRail Network,South Coast 2,Revenue Protection Operations
18576,CityRail Gosf 1,CityRail Network,Gosford 1,Revenue Protection Operations
18592,CityRail Gosf 2,CityRail Network,Gosford 2,Revenue Protection Operations
18608,CityRail Newc 1,CityRail Network,Newcastle 1,Spare
18624,CityRail Newc 2,CityRail Network,Newcastle 2,Spare
18640,CityRail Chats 1,CityRail Network,Chatswood 1,Spare
18656,CityRail Chats 2,CityRail Network,Chatswood 2,Spare
18672,CityRail City 1,CityRail Network,City 1,Revenue Protection Operations
18688,CityRail City 2,CityRail Network,City 2,General
18704,CityRail CityC 1,CityRail Network,City Circle 1,General
19008,CityRail BAS 1,CityRail Network,BAS 1,Breath and Drug Analysts
19024,CityRail Fire 1,CityRail Network,Fire 1,SRA Fire
19040,CityRail Ptrl 1,CityRail Network,Patrol 1,On Train Security Operations
19056,CityRail Ptrl 2,CityRail Network,Patrol 2,On Train Security Operations
19072,CityRail Ptrl 3,CityRail Network,Patrol 3,On Train Security Operations
19104,CityRail ,CityRail Network,,Gosford Box Comms
19120,CityRail Gos Sig,CityRail Network,Gosford Hunter Signals,Signal Maintenance
19136,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Gosford Hunter Civil,Civil Engineer
19152,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Gosford Hunter Electric,Electricians
19296,CityRail ,CityRail Network,,Gosford Track Work
19440,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Train Cleaning 1,Cleaners
19456,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Train Cleaning 2,Cleaners
19472,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Train Cleaning 3,Cleaners
19504,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Signals,Signal Use General
19520,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Survey,Surveyors
19536,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Civil Common,Civil Engineer
19552,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Sth Electric Common,Electricians
19568,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Sth Line Manager,South General Use
19584,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Signal Common,Signal Use General
19600,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Common,General
19616,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Management 1,General Use
19632,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Management 2,General use
19648,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Engineer 1,Engineer
19664,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Engineer 2,Engineer
19680,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Civil Clyde 1,Engineer
19696,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Civil Clyde 2,Engineer
19712,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Civil Clyde 3,Engineer
19728,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Civil Clyde Com,Engineer
19744,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Electric Clyde 1,Electricians
19760,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Electric Clyde 2,Electricians
19776,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Electric Clyde 3,Electricians
19792,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Elec Clyde Com,Electricians
19808,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Signal Clyde 1,Signal Use General
19824,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Signal Clyde 2,Signal Use General
19840,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Signal Clyde 3,Signal Use General
19856,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Sig Clyde Com,Signal Use General
19872,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Line Manager 1,General Use
19888,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Line Manager 2,General Use
19904,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Line Manager 3,General Use
19920,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Sth Line Mng Common,General Use
19936,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Sectn Common,General UseEnter content here

If You Would like this list in excel format, with additional information. sign my guest book and put your email address and in comments write something nice and email me with  "please send me the grn list"
its not 100% accurate and many changes have and are being made by the Govt we have to work together to keep it accurate

19952,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Civil Central 1,Engineer
19968,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Civil Central 2,Engineer
19984,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Civil Central 3,Engineer
20000,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Civil Centrt Com,Engineer
20016,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Elec Central 1,Electricians
20032,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Elec Central 2,Electricians
20048,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Elec Central 3,Electricians
20064,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Sth Elec Central Com,Electricians
20080,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Signal Central 1,Signal Use General
20096,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Signal Central 2,Signal Use General
20112,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South CN Central 4,
20128,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Sth Signal Central Com,Signal Use General
20144,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Sth Signal Strathfield 1,Signal Use General
20160,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Sth Signal Strathfield 2,Signal Use General
20176,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Sth Signal Strathfield 3,Signal Use General
20192,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Sth Sig Strathfield Com,Signal Use General
20208,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Inner South Line Mng 1,General Use
20224,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Inner South Line Mng 2,General Use
20240,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Inner South Line Mng 3,General Use
20272,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Inner Sth L Mng Com,General Use
20298,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South Line Mng Com 2,General Use
20336,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South ESO 1,
20352,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South ESO 2,
20368,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South ESO 3,
20384,CityRail ,CityRail Network,South CR Electric Com,
20400,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Nth Train Serv Mng 1,Cleaners
20416,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Nth Train Serv Mng 2,Cleaners
20432,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Nth Train Serv Mng 3,Cleaners
20448,CityRail Nth Com,CityRail Network,North Common,General
20464,CityRail ,CityRail Network,North Civil 1,Engineer
20480,CityRail ,CityRail Network,North Civil 2,Engineer
20496,CityRail ,CityRail Network,North Civil 3,Engineer
20512,CityRail ,CityRail Network,North Civil Common,Engineer
20528,CityRail ,CityRail Network,North Electric 1,Electricians
20544,CityRail ,CityRail Network,North Electric 2,Electricians
20560,CityRail ,CityRail Network,North Electric 2,Electricians
20576,CityRail ,CityRail Network,North Electric Common,Electricians
20592,CityRail Nth Sg 1,CityRail Network,North Signal 1,Signal Use General
20608,CityRail Nth Sg 2,CityRail Network,North Signal 2,Signal Use General
20624,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Blue Mountains Com,General
20640,CityRail Nth Com,CityRail Network,North Common,General
20656,CityRail ,CityRail Network,West Common,General
20672,CityRail ,CityRail Network,North Line Manager 3,General
20688,CityRail Gos Com,CityRail Network,Gosford Common,General
20704,CityRail New Com,CityRail Network,Newcastle Common,General
20720,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Metro Construction 1,Track and Signal Maintenance
20736,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Metro Construction 2,Track and Signal Maintenance
20752,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Metro Contn Train Drv,Track and Signal Maintenance
20768,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Metro Construction 3,Track and Signal Maintenance
20784,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Metro Construction 4,Track and Signal Maintenance
20800,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Metro Construction 5,Track and Signal Maintenance
20816,CityRail ,CityRail Network,Metro Construction 6,Track and Signal Maintenance
20832,CityRail ,CityRail Network,North Granville 1,
20848,CityRail ,CityRail Network,North Granville 2,
20928,CityRail Consec,CityRail Network,ConSec,Chubb and Guard Sign On/Off
23376,SES Tach 1,NSW,Tach 1,Police Liaison
23600,SES Illawarra,Illawarra,Area Communications,Appliance Comms
24080,SES Sth Hghlnds,Southern Highlnd,Area Communications,Appliance Comms
24160,SES Syd Nth,Sydney North,Area Communications,Appliance Comms
24240,SES Syd Sth,Sydney South,Area Communications,Appliance Comms
24256,SES,,,Appliance Comms
24272,SES Canada Bay,Canada Bay,Fire Com,Canada Bay Rescue 1
24320,SES Syd Wst,Sydney West,Area Communications,Appliance Comms
24336,RFS Newc,Newcastle,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
24352,RFS Newc,Newcastle,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
24368,SES NSW Wide,State C-O,NSW Wide,Appliance Comms
24784,RFS Newc,Newcastle,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
24800,SES Comn Liaison,Common Liaison,Emgy Liaison Comms,Liaison Communications
24816,SES Pol Liaison,Police Liaison,Police/SES Liaison,Police/SES Liaison
24832,SES FB Liaison,NSWFB Liaison,NSWFB/SES Liaison,NSWFB/SES Liaison
24845,SES AMB Liaison,Ambulance Liasn,AMB/SES Liaison,AMB/SES Liaison
27040,RFS Newc,Newcastle,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
27424,RFS State Ops,State Operations,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
27440,RFS Gosf Huntr,Gosford Hunter,Fire Com,Strat Net for PMR
27552,RFS Balkm Hills,Baulkam Hills,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
27584,RFS Blacktown,Blacktown,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
27616,RFS Blue Mount,Blue Mountains,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
27680,RFS Camden,Camden,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
27712,RFS Camptown,Campbelltown,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
27840,RFS Oberon,Oberon,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
27904,RFS Gosford,Gosford,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
27936,RFS Lithgow,Lithgow,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
27968,RFS Hawks River,Hawkesbury Riv,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28000,RFS Hornsby,Hornsby Kuringai,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28032,RFS Liverpool,Liverpool,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28064,RFS Penrith,Penrith,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28096,RFS Kiama,Kiama,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28128,RFS Suthlnd Dist,Sutherland Dist,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28160,RFS Suthlnd Dist,Sutherland Dist,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28176,RFS Warringah,Warringah,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28208,Rural Fire Service,Wingecarribbee,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28240,RFS Cowan,Wolondily Cowan,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28272,RFS Wollgong,Wollongong,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28304,RFS Wyong,Wyong,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28332,RFS Wyong,Blayney Wyong,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28336,RFS Cessnock,Cessnock,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28368,RFS Cent Coast ?,Central Coast ?,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28368,RFS Lake Macq,Lake Maquarie,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28386,RFS Mailtland,Maitland,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28400,RFS Lake Macq,Lake Maquarie,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28640,RFS Prt Stephens,Port Stephens,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28688,RFS Nulwaree,Mulwaree,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28816,RFS/SES Liaison,NSW,Joint Channel,Liaison Channel
28848,RFS Strat 74,Strat 74,Fire Com,
28864,RFS Strat 75,Strat 75,Fire Com,
28880,RFS Strat 76,Strat 76,Fire Com,
28896,RFS Strat 77,Strat 77,Fire Com,
28928,RFS Spec Ops,Special Ops,Fire Com,Appliance Comms
28944,RFS Spec Ops,NSW,Special Operations,Special Operations
29088,RFS Strat 79,Strat 79,Fire Com,
29104,RFS Strat 80,Strat 80,Fire Com,
29120,RFS Strat 81,Strat 81,Fire Com,
29136,RFS Strat 82,Strat 82,Fire Com,
40272,Sutherland Coucl,Sutherland Shire,General,Rangers
40656,STA Ferry Contrl,Sydney,Ferry Control,Ferry Control
40672,STA Ferry Coms,Sydney,Ferry Operations,Ferry Communications
40751,STA Balmain Yd,Sydney,Ferry Operations,Balamain Yard
40752,STA Balmain Yd,Sydney Harbour,Ferry Operations,Balamain Yard
43856,AMB Care Flight,Ambulance Liasn,State Wide,Chopper/Care Flight 1
43984,AMB Media 2,Media,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44048,AMB Syd North,Syd North Dist,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44080,Ambulance,,,Heard on Elliot
44096,AMB Syd South,Syd South Dist,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44144,AMB Syd East,Syd East Dist,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44192,AMB Syd West,Syd West Dist,Ambulance Comms,West Talk Group
44194,AMB Syd East,Syd East Dist,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44240,AMB Syd S/W,Syd SthWst Dist,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44288,AMB Far Wst,Far West Rural,Sydney Net,Unit Communications Link
44304,AMB Spec Incd,Spec Incident,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44320,Ambulance,Sydney Incidents,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44336,Ambulance,Sydney Incidents,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44352,Ambulance,Sydney Incidents,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44368,Ambulance,Sydney Incidents,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44384,Ambulance,Sydney Incidents,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44400,Ambulance,Sydney Incidents,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44416,Ambulance,,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44432,Ambulance,Sydney Incidents,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44480,AMB Sth Inc'd 1,South Incident,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44528,AMB Sth Inc'd 2,South Incident,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44576,AMB Sth Inc'd 3,South Incident,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44592,AMB Sth Inc'd 4,South Incident,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44608,AMB Newcastle,Newcastle,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44640,AMB C/Coast,Gosford Wyong,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
44740,AMB Wst Dist,Western Dist,Ambulance West Com,Unit Communications
46512,,Newcastle,,Pos. Masters Games Org.
47072,AMB/RFS Liase,NSW,Ambo/RFS Liason,Liason Channel
47792,AMB Lake Maqury,NSW North,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
47840,AMB Charlestown,Upeer Hunter,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
47872,AMB Nth Inc'd 1,North Incident,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
47888,AMB Nth Inc'd 2,North Incident,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
47904,AMB Mid West,Mid Wst Ops,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
47936,AMB Maquarie 1,Maquarie Ops 1,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
47968,AMB Maquarie 2,Maquarie Ops 2,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
47984,AMB Wst Inc'd 3,West Incident,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
48016,AMB Wst Inc'd 1,West Incident,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
48032,AMB Wst Inc'd 2,West Incident,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
48064,AMB Nth Hosp's,North Hospitals,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
48080,Liverpool Hospt,,Ambulance Comms,Hospital/Ambulance Comms
48224,AMB Wst Hosp's1,West Hospitals,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
48240,AMB Wst Hosp's2,West Hospitals,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
48336,AMB Media 1,Media,Ambulance Comms,Unit Communications
48960,Juvenile Justice,Kariong ???,,General Comms
49776,VKG Technician,,,?
52496,,Central Coast ?,,
54992,Premiers Dept,NSW,ASTRO Digital,Buzz only Digital Transmission
59808,WaterWays SydHbr,Hawkesbury Riv,,Hawkwsbury Comms
59840,WaterWays SydHbr,Sydney Harbour,,Sydney Harbour Comms
59856,WaterWays SydHbr,Sydney Harbour,,Sydney Harbour Comms
59952,WaterWays SydHbr,Sydney Harbour,,Sydney Harbour Comms
61024,Intergral Energy,,,?
61472,SOCOG,Sydney,,Socog last known use
62544,RFS Liason,NSW,Liason ?,Liason with ?
62624,RFS Liason,Sutho/Camptwn,Sutho Camp Liason,For 44 district Army Range
62656,Various Liasion,NSW,Various,Emrgy Serv Common Liason
62688,,Sydney,,? Sydney Council Operations
62720,Various Liasion,NSW,Emergency Ser Liason,Emrgy Serv Common Liason
65056,ABC TV,,Media,TV News
65072,ABC TV,,Media,TV News
65076,ABC TV,,Media,TV News
65088,ABC TV,,Media,TV News
65120,Motorola Tech's,NSW,General,General Maintenance Comms
65184,Motorola Tech's,NSW,General,General Maintenance Comms
65280,Motorola Tech's,NSW,General,General Maintenance Comms
65408,Motorola Tech's,NSW,General,General Maintenance Comms
65424,Motorola Tech's,NSW,General,General Maintenance Comms

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