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westpac 1 refueling after a transport

Rescue Helicopters


On a daily basis, you can hear or see a medical chopper. They may be in the process of a patient inter hospital transfer, a search and rescue, flying paramedics to an incident or just on a training mission to fine tune their skills.


These helicopters carry a wide range of two-way radio equipment to keep in contact with the many essential services that need to liase with the aircrews. They are mostly heard on the various ambulance networks throughout the state wether it be GRN or PMR.


You will hear most helecoptors listed below on the GRN on MRU (Medical retieval unit)  ID of 43856 Also listen out on airbands for air clearence and notification


Below is a list of their frequencies and the chopper locations


Westpac 1                    Newcastle

Westpac 2                    Newcastle

Westpac 3                    Tamworth

Westpac 4                    Lismore

Rescue 21                    Orange

Rescue 22                    Bankstown

Rescue 23                    Bankstown

Southcare 1                    Canberra

Lifesaver 2                   Lismore

Lifesaver 3                   Lismore

Childflight 1                  Westmead NEST (Neonatal Emergency Transport Service)

Careflight 4 (HIRT)     Westmead



484.950                      Westpac

487.200                      Careflight

488.900                      Careflight

488.950                      Careflight

489.900                      Careflight

489.225                      Lifesaver

487.175                      Childflight

131.600                      Polair

469.425                      Polair

132.750                      Air Ambulance

467.675          Helecopter simplex, used when winching etc



Please e-mail us with any additions or alterations that you may have.

Click Below to hear a sample of our rescue choppers

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Taken from the Crew Chief's report. Sept to Nov 2002
Newcastle's Rescue Helicopter missions featured in many of the region's biggest news stories in the past three months, including a yachting tragedy off the mid north coast and the disastrous fires, as well as many road, rural and recreational accidents.
Medical patients were flown between various hospitals in the region and to major specialist hospitals both in the Hunter and in Sydney.
The helicopters were tasked to more than 150 missions including the sea tragedy in which a yacht overturned with the loss of several lives. The helicopter first responded to a beacon and located two survivors. they were successfully rescued in a very difficult operation. The aircraft later returned to continue searching for missing people.
In unusual but not unfamiliar role, police tasked the helicopter to provide a platform for aerial photography and investigation work following a motor accident on the F3 and an industrial accident on the former BHP steel works site.
A 36 year old female was transferred from Muswellbrook Hospital to HMAS Penguin in Sydney after suffering the bends in a diving accident.
A 9 year old girl was transferred to John Hunter Hospital from Scone Hospital after initial treatment for injuries sustained in a horse riding accident
A fireman suffering smoke inhalation in the Wakefield area was flown to John Hunter Hospital.

UPDATE 03/2003
The value to the community of the fast response of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service was again demonstrated by just one of more than 140 missions in the past three months.
The services was tasked to transfer a 15 year old girl from Port Macquarie Hospital to John Hunter Hospital after she suffered injuries in a go-carting accident.
On the return trip the helicopter was diverted to Hawks Nest to transport a 27 year old man to John Hunter after he suffered hand injuries when handling an explosive device.
The following day the man was transferred to Sydney Hospital for microsurgery.
In a separate set of circumstances the helicopter flew to Boat Harbour in Port Stephens to transfer a 33 year old woman to Royal North Shore when she suffered the bends in a diving accident.
En route to Sydney the helicopter crew was alerted to a motor vehicle accident at Laguna. As it flew from North Shore towards Laguna advice came that the accident victim did not require helicopter help. Within a few minutes the helicopter was then directed to a second motor vehicle accident at Wyee and transferred a 66 year old man suffering head injuries to Wyong Hospital.
Helicopters were called to several separate incidents involving ships and other water craft, to a light plane crash near Port Macquarie, and victims of bee stings, fire burns, mauling by a dog as well as swimming, boating recreational and motoring accidents.

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