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Heres The inside info for the best footy team EVER!

The Young Mr Luxton (cameron son of garry)
Knights supporter, Captured In Melbourne (Taken by Garry)

Channel 20 UHF CB - Security guards - 
Channel 21 UHF - security car parking (before main game) 
509.550 - Global TV's link to NBN studio. The Producer of the broadcast to the vision switchers. Can hear them talking about vision packages that are used during the broadcast.
800.500 - only heard ground background noise 
493.450 - 2HD broadcast. Much clearer reception than 1143 AM. After the game it is a open duplex from the post-match press conference.
484.925 - The Director to his cameramen. Constant directions are given.
485.025 - Marathon Stadium catering channel.
495.100 - Coach . Listen to the coach talk to his people on the ground with all his colourful language.
Referees last year were heard on
777.700 Mhz
794.450 Mhz
795.850 Mhz
for friends who would like to hear the ref a new product call Sports Ears are now available which are for the the NRL footy games, I Believe they around $25-30 a pair, and the transmitter is  a lower VHF Freq with very low power garry tried a pair recently and james also says they are a cleaner sound than the 700Mhz!!
You can also hear the music director on 484.600 Mhz
At Channel Nine games, the commentary team of Ray Warren, Sterling and

Vautin could be heard on 508.075 MHz. You can even hear them talking in the

commercial breaks about personal matters. If only they knew. During ad

breaks you can also hear Sterling do his little spiel that ends the

telecast, sometimes it takes him 10 takes to get it right. Meanwhile, time

is ticking for him to get it right as it must go to air within a limited

time. This is the best freq to listen to but it may change for this year.


Hi NewcastleScan,

The freq's have changed for the Knights. I discovered a couple of changes

last night at the Knights v Warriors game.

Channel 9 commentary team - 485.100

Sound and radio techs - 509.925 ( can hear commentary in the

background, with the techs talking over it)

Camera Director - 509.550

Ground Music Director - 471.4625






Click here for further info on the Newcastle Knights on wikipedia

More info to come