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In our region, most of the RTA radio activity is heard on the GRN
Most traffic related comms is done on talk group 9808. but, I have have monitored activity on the following talk groups as well - 9824, 9872, 10064 and 10080
also are heard occastionally on 78.900, 468.750 (channel x) in Newcastle
Some callsigns for the various units involved are listed below.
Traffic Operations Room :
TMC - general callsign ( used on both RTA and VKG )
Tango 1 - Manager Traffic Operations Room
Tango 1-2 - Chief Traffic Operations Controller ( day chief ) referred to as CTOC.
Tango 1-3 - CTOC ( shift chief )
Tango 4 to 10 - Senior TOC ( incident managers ), one is allocated to each quadrant at all times. Traffic Command Unit
RTA 1 Senior Traffic Commander
RTA 2 and 3 - Traffic Commanders Alpha Quadrant - Sydney ( southern suburbs ) + CBD
RTA 4 and 5 - Traffic Commanders Bravo Quadrant - Sydney ( northern beaches and north shore )
RTA 6 and 7 - Traffic Commanders Charlie Quadrant - Sydney ( north western suburbs )
RTA 8 and 9 - Traffic Commanders Delta Quadrant - Sydney ( south west suburbs )
RTA 10 - Relieving Traffic Commander ( all quadrants )
RTA 20 and 21 - Traffic Commanders Central Coast
RTA 22 and 23 - Traffic Commanders Newcastle
RTA 24 - Auxiliary Traffic Commander Newcastle and Central Coast
All Traffic Commanders Use this callsign on both RTA and VKG radio networks
Traffic Emergency Patrols
Oscar 1 - Manager, Driver Aid Services Unit
Oscar 1-3 and 1-4 - TEP Supervisors
Oscar 1-5 - OH&S ant Training Officer
Oscar 2 - Charlie Quadrant Patrol
Oscar 3 - F3 Freeway Patrol Wahroonga - Kariong
Oscar 4 - M4 Motorway Patrol entire length
Oscar 5 - Delta Quadrant Patrol
Oscar 6 - Alpha Quadrant Patrol
Oscar 6-1 - Airport tunnel Tidal Flow Operations
Oscar 7 - CBD Patrol - Sydney City
Oscar 8 - CBD Patrol
Oscar 20 - F3 Freeway Hawkesbury river - Doyalson area
Additional crews can operated using callsigns such as Oscar 3-1 ( spoken as Oscar three one ) to signify an extra truck on a particular patrol.
There are dozens of other callsigns, but these are the important ones.
To keep this list updated your help is needed. Please email us with your findings.
Thank you Nathan for helping with this so far.
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click here for further infomation on the RTA on wikipedia

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