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Valley Mines & Power Stations



The local enthusiast that live on the Newcastle coastline can monitor various services that relate to our coal industry. We can tune into the haulage trains, the coal loaders and even the ships.
Where is all this coal coming from ? what frequencies do the Hunter Valley power stations use ?, what can our fellow hobbyist in the valley tune into ? That was the question that I often thought about as I watched the ships move around the harbour.
With the Hunter Valley having large deposits of coal there are many interesting services to tune into such as mines, power stations and other companies that offer goods and services to keep mines and power stations running.
461.150  Costain - Ravinsworth Mine
461.450  Costain
463.075  Costain
489.175  Bayswater Coal
485.700  Bulga Coal
487.550  Bulga Coal
488.575  Dartbrook Coal
489.250  Dartbrook Coal
464.200  Mt.Owen Mine
465.500  Mt.Owen Mine
464.500  Mt.Owen Mine
485.800  Liddell Open Cut Mine
474.525  Liddell Open Cut Mine
474.325  Liddell Prep Plant
494.325  Drayton Coal
463.000  Newdell Coal Prep Plant
490.400  RW Miller Mt.Thorley Mine
491.000  RW Miller
491.300  RW Miller
494.000  RW Miller
491.525  Mt.Thorley Coal Loader
491.725  Mt.Thorley Coal Loader
493.175  Wormald Fire Systems
485.725  Springvale Mine - Lower Hunter
485.300  Springvale Mine
490.100  Wambo
490.425  Wambo
490.475  Wambo
151.800  United Colleries
151.850  United
151.900  United
151.950  United
163.825  United
163.4625 United
175.225  United
474.525  Workworth Mine
474.525  Workworth Mine
492.975  Rio Tinto
492.950  Rio Tinto
492.250  Rio Tinto
491.450  Rio Tinto
162.2375  Muswellbrook Coal
485.300  Camberwell Coal
485.725  Camberwell Coal
487.700  Rix's Creek Mine
491.125  Redbank Power Station
490.025  Redbank Power Station
491.675  Redbank Power Station
469.600  Ravinsworth Coal Loader
450.050  Rail Movements
493.400  Pirtek Hydraulic hose repairs
477.150  Cumnock Open Cut Mine washery
476.900  Cumnock Open Cut mine coal haulage
If you have anything that we can add to this list of active frequencies used in mines and power stations please email me and let us know.  Please sign our guest book and tell your friends about Newcastle's best scanner web site

If you have something to share, email it we wont use your name if you dont wish