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My Pager (pocsag decoder project).


The reason behind all this is boredom. its a scanner quiet night. Nothing is happening, as i sit here thinking what i can do i remember some years ago tinkering around with paging decoding. I had moderate success but nothing out standing. So i dig thru my old disks and find a copy of Pocsag Protocol Monitor (POC32) software and install it on my u beaut windows xp machine. I half expected it not to work (xp isnt always receptive to older software).
Well surprise it worked, the best part of the software is it works thru the soundcard, so since my scanner is wired already to the soundcard, it was a matter of enable the soundcard and typing some pager freqs in the scanner.
well it worked, but as in the past not 100% so after about 1 hour fiddling with volume controls and mixers on the computer, enough was enough, time to add a mod to the 9000XLT (780 is still to precious to mod... maybe one day).
the mod adds what is called a discriminator output, it is sort of a output before all the filters and audio circuits, so its a clean output and works with most data decoding software. Well how to do it? a quick search on google and bingo, to save the time ill show you how to do it with pictures!!, yes ill do anything to help you and to get more hits on the website.
The first thing to tell you is, it is simple for anyone with basic electronic knowledge and simple tools.
you will need-
some wire not more than 45cm
a panel mount socket 3.5mm Mono or RCA(I suggest this)
a drill bit and drill
solder and soldering iron
a phillips screwdriver
it should not take long, less than 30mins.
Step 1.
unplug the unit and disconnect all connections
Step 2.
unscrew all screw 4 on each side and 2 on the back
Step 3.
look in the top and locate TP3 about 3 inches from the back see picture below.
(click on the picture for a larger view)

Click here for a larger view

Click here for a larger view

Step 4.
Drill a hole in the back plate of the scanner to suit your plug.
Step 5.
solder the point underneath TP3.
Step 6.
solder the gnd point
Step 7.
run the cables to the hole you have drilled for the socket
Step 8.
Solder up the audio plug(tip-for an rca put the nut and washer down the cable before soldering)Step 9. Tighten the socket to the case and reassemble the scanner and fit all the cables.

The fitted RCA on the back

Well after pluging it all and starting the software again, I adjusted the mixer on the computer and 100% success, all the messages came thru perfectly. I left it on for over 24 hours and all messages came thru well.
Extra Details.
POC32 available for download at
Trial version for a full version email me for details.
Pager Freqs for Newcastle
148.6125 Link Communication
148.7875 Link Communication
148.9625 Link Communication
149.8375 Link Communication
149.8875 Link Communication
148.5625 Hutchison Communication
148.6375 Hutchison Communication
Any other tips email me and ill try and help.
For $30 i will install the mod for you email for details


Written By M.james
No responsibilty taken for damage. its written as a reference only.