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Review of New Uniden UH 013 UHF CB & Scanner

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Review of the NEW uniden UH 013

40 Ch UHF CB and 40 Ch UHF Scanner

By Mike Pugh and Garry Luxton.

The Uniden UH 013

Mikes Review!

Well its a an honour that our web site has had so many visitors now and I for one am flaunting our success,

And as I was visiting my favourite radio/scanner shop "Newcastle Pro Sound" and talking to peter who has supported scanning and CB/amateur radio for many years he offered me the opportunity to review, for the website, the brand new Uniden UH-013.


I was very excited to get my hands on such a new toy. The features were impressive, well a built in scanner, remote head, small size, CTCSS, scan on cb, busy channel lockout and heaps more.... I was excited!!!


I went to visit Garry at work and let him have a bo peep!!! He like myself was impressed especially with scan features...


The Installation!


Its Saturday night, ive got to work tonight and Garry is coming with me... but I thought we could install it together before work we have about 3 hours,(after all the website is our partnership) he loved the idea.


First, check the pack,

All listed parts there, Check.

The Contents

Forget the installation manual lets just put it in.

We decide look for a place to put the head as you can see the head is very compact and in my car there is plenty of different possibilities.

Its so small that on the steering wheel or on the instrumentation panel was possible, on the top of the dash and in the passenger side map holder... but we decided under the radio cd/cassette was the best spot (I was wrong as you will read).

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3

Choice 4 The final decision! not the right one

Ok it was going to be an easy install we had power from the radio and the existing cb antenna was commandeered for use with the radio.


We put the control unit under the radio cassette and run the head extension cable up an opening near where the head was going. The first thing we needed was a some new screws for the head mount and with a bit of grunting we got the head screwed in and connected and turned the radio on. It worked amazing then I pressed the transmit button and nothing every thing went dead on the radio.... and the scanner to????? Well straight to the fuse box... all the fuses were ok... the radio fuse ok... then after 10 Mins of searching it turned out to be I had connected positive power after the scanner fuse which was only a 500ma fuse and thus blew on transmit which was a higher power DOH... I LOVE FUSES dont ever bypass them....


Once I relocated the power wire pre-scanner fuse :) turned it on and it worked, transmit great, the a final check of gear stick and BUGGER when I go in to 5th I hit the radio mice plug BUGGER BUGGER BUGGER well a quick look for a new spot and

Yes on the console below the gear stick in front of the handbrake its so small this was easy to do.. Just screw in the head-mounting bracket and move the head cable that is easy cause the cable is long about 3 meter, ran the cable under the console. Ok turn it on and yes it works transmit yes it works!  Now to tackle the scanner side!!


Garry had the manual I just wanted to press buttons.... the features are impressive, theres a busy channel lockout so you cant talk over anyone, CTCSS programmable on each channel, now thats new to me. But wait I want to program the police in.... "Garry how do I do it?" Garry reading the manual "you press the select button for 2 seconds then turn Wide scan on and press search" thats the manual... fiddle fiddle fiddle eureka it works, the manual is not good it does not cover enough info to help.


But this is how it works

It will hold 40 channels 41-80

You select it from the 4 UHF bands w1, w2, w3, w4 (if you are lost dont worry I was too)

Police for instance are in W3 450-470


Theres no direct entry you have to search and scroll thru the bands like an FM digital tuner

Where you press up, to the station you want and press mem to lock it in..... its a lot of freqs but it works

We programmed in the VKG freqs and a couple of links and they worked ok


The only thing not covered in the manual was how to scan the 80 channels together... it seems you cant

Mark Aglio Checking out the new radio!

The conclusion....


This is a great radio, the closest yet to a perfect radio, your wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, will love it, its a clean good looking radio and would look great in any car, with such compact head you could use double sided tape like the 3M Command Adhesive that when removed leaves NO marks and the easy to hide transmitter is great! The scanner is good for city use with All UHF bands.

The audio is exceptional. The programming is ok, and uniden are on a winner... Now head on down to Newcastle Pro Sound

And see peter to check it out and mention Newcastle Scan and get a little bit of better deal..

And thanks to Peter and Newcastle Pro Sound for the opportunity to review this little beauty

UH 103 The Review By Garry Luxton


It was Thursday afternoon, and I has hard at work (well,,,, sort of). Mick turns up and says Ive got a toy!!!


He dives into a plastic bag from Newcastle Pro Sound and pulls out a box it was a UH013. I snatched it off him as quick as I could. The UH013 has UHF CB, CTCSS, and scans and allows you to program in other frequencies just by pushing some buttons and turning a knob.


Forget the old saying size does matter, the first thing you notice is how small the radio is. The body of the radio is not much bigger than the palm of your hand. Mick says lets install this little baby and see how it goes


Back at Micks house he have the gear and we are ready to go, like most of the hobbyist I know, we unpacked the box, thumbed through the manual and were keen to go.


The box contained everything you need for the install except the drill, tape and the bottle of coke ! We unpacked everything to see what we did get, it included, the radio body, the remote head, the interface lead, manual, mounting brackets, all the screws washers and nuts that you will need, mic bracket and of course the microphone. The size is really impressive.


We bounced around a few ideas of where it could go and where it would look best (that is important!). We made a slight boo boo with one of our choices. Our final choice was with no doubt our best. The body of the radio was behind the centre console and the remote head looked fantastic sitting just below the gear stick. This made operation of the radio very easy for both driver and passenger.


Within no time it was powered up and ready to go. We accessed all the local UHF repeaters with no problem from inside the brick garage, we also managed to find someone on a simplex frequency and do some checks with them, once again, no problems at all.


To use the programmable scanner feature we had to flick through the manual one more time. The radio will search or scan UHF frequencies between 400 and 520 MHz. These frequencies can be found in four location banks marked A,B,C and D.  We programmed in the local police and some commercial frequencies that are used in the area.


The sound quality was a good clear sound, the display is easy to read, and once you are familiar with the programming buttons they are easy to navigate.


The only feature that I feel could have been added is the ability to scan both UHF CB and the direct program frequencies. The radio will only allow you to scan one of the features at a time.


For anyone that wants a UHF CB and a scanner and doesnt have much room in their vehicle, this radio is the way to go. I was impressed!

Update (09/02) After a few months of using the UH-013 the unit performed very well and provided good useable features. Mark Aglio was too impressed with the unit and the demo unit has a new and permanent home with him. I'll miss you 013 :(

You'll Find Newcastle Pro Sound at Bluegum Rd Jesmond, for Mobile Phones, Car Stereos CBS, Scanners and More