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Its been a while between drinks!

Police in our area are encrypted..the final changed happened 2016

Welcome to our Scanner Site for Newcastle!

Were getting a heap of visitors and all we want,
is for you to sign our guest book Please! AND CHECK OUT THE NEW SOUNDBYTES FILES! NEW FORUMS(under construction NOW! ) COMING VERY SOON!

We have had many changes since I started in the hobby of scanning, from crystal 4 channel scanners, to digital SDR its come a long way, data decoding is a part of scanning, and finding new ways to continue listening in the hobby keeps us going forward..

ofetn ive been told that the info is not upto date and sadly its true as family and work life limit time...

so don't forget there are other info sources like radio reference for talk groups etc of the GRN... they dont concentrate on business services, mainly governtment and I hope in 2017 I can update and start new pages to include digital info..



Recently received an email saying we look like we are out of business.. No We are still plodding along

Still feeding the online scanner audio, and plane plotter services

Well we are just busy with family and work(5 kids now)

This week a bit of info received from a highly respectable source. the local police channel still open is expected to turn on encryption soon!

Looking for GRN ids, use

Most Group IDS are there and maintained

Another Big Year, lots happening
February sees Analog NSW GRN basically turned off
Forum has not been a success..... and there are several good ones... so will be deleted
and the scanning directory hasn't been maintained or updated so will also be deleted now
Some updates will be done for the Newcastle hunter scanner listeners with new GRN information
and older and now incorrect info deleted!

Boy its been a long while between drinks..
Heaps going in my work and family life, but i have now studied and passed my amateur radio licence (foundation) and am VK2FADJ... I have this month reinstalled computers and antennas to facilitate an better online stream at radio reference and via the front page of this website...
you can even access it via a iphone which is amazing when you think about it, via the web or an app connected to radio reference....
Please email me with things you need help with and ill see what i can do some updates will be coming when time permits
Well a few minor changes, A new live stream and webcam adjustments
Police have become unlistenable! with full encryption for Newcastle, Hunter is unchanged. Its been quiet, so reset some scanner profiles.
Cheers for now
Well we have very busy personal lives, I married in 2006 and we had twin babys in march 2007, work has been very invovled since 2005 and garry has been working tirelessly with SES and other emergency services AND working his day job too. We hope to get some things done in the next 12 months and hope you can support and send us your info
happy new year
I cant believe I have not done an update here for nearly 12 months. its been a long year. I moved from Newcastle city to the lake, Garry has had a near death illness and damn it the police went digital! So we have entered the new age of digital scanners and well its a boost to the hobby in my opinion. the website is well rounded now and formed well, updates are done as needed and the scanner chronicles and pics have slowed as a result of lack of interest. BUT we have met, emailed, taken calls from many new and old scanner listeners and well its the best feeling to be acknowledged for your efforts especially if you dont get paid for the work. lets grow again and hopefully do an update here sooner than later! and hope someone brings out a digital scanner to purchase locally, instead of have to have them imported.
Well the popularity of newcastle scan has impressed garry and myself and this month we enter a new era. we are expanding and fine tuning with the addition of our exclusive domain and carving the scanning chronicles to thier own site.
we are looking forward to a busy summer and plan to provide more frequencys, scanner reviews, recordings, pictures and stories and maybe some video too... so thanks for your support since the 2001 and keep coming back to what we hope will be the biggest scanner web site in australia
4/2002 Updated Intro.
When i started this site i had a desire to make it a comprehensive resource as there are to many "secret clubs, keeping those freqencys hidden unless you join their club, but the freqs are out there and not long after i started the site an old friend who has written scanner guides loved the idea and freely gave all his work and together now we bring NEWCASTLESCAN this is a jointly owned site of Garry L. and myself Mike J. (see photos down below). We have tried to make the site into a huge Ezine that you would happily buy! and for free, we have been trying to record interesting events, get photos of incidents and provide you with things you can talk about! go thru every page, download as much as you want. We will continue to provide different and interesting things as time permits and hope you will support us and tell your friends about us!
Original Intro Jan/02
As a resident of one of the states most busy radio activity capitals I thought it was time for a new scanner web site focusing on Newcastle. I have been involved in scanning for several years and have collected a lot of data and i now will focus on computer controlled scanning in particular with the Uniden UBC780xlt. I have a lot to do yet and id love some photos to put up, some articles about your favorite area of interest, the freqs you receive and your general location. I should have software reviews and weblinks and i hope to place a frequency plan for the 780XLT
using andys program in excel format. I want a simple site and it still to be informative.

January 2002 (official publish date)
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For buyers of the Uniden 780xlt check out the GRN page.
There you will find info how to program it for newcastle.

Special Event secondary live stream

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

Click here to take you to Newcastlescans you tube page!

As Suggested by Nick B. Westpac At the John Hunter Hospital

Click here to go to Nick B's you tube page

Video Shot by M.James at Newcastle wharf

Michael James's Facebook profile

Now you can put a face to the name
Garry L

Mick J


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