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Here's a chance for you to contribute.

Welcome to the Mailbag.
Heres some mail we have recieved!
From Michael A. 12/01


I emailed you a few weeks ago with some info regarding the 800mhz trunking

sites in Newcastle. I don't know if you received it or not, but here is the

info again.

The One Steel Manufacturing site at Mayfield has the following 800Mhz

frequencies assigned to it.











These would be part of a Motorola Smartzone II trunk system which can be

tracked with the 780XLT. I don't know if it is one system or two. I would

be interested to know if you are able to track the system and what you hear

on it.

I run the Sydney Trunk Scanning website at -




Hi from Newcastle!

well 1.) no i did not recieve your first email and be assured if i did i would reply

2.) i have promptly inserted the freqs into the scanner, i live close to the industries but the freqs you list are silent and i was looking for a data channel.

3.) after doing a freq search between 860-870, Picked up data stream similar in sound to my ears to the GRN data chan on 866.0625

4.) I also picked a higher pitch data sound on 868.2125, 868.9625, 869.2200 (slightly,very slightly lower pitch), and 869.4600 could they be a different trunk system?

and what about 166-167mhz do you know if there are trunk radio systems and if so can the 780 follow them?




Hi Mike,

It seems that the 866.0625MHZ control channel is part of a commercial trunk

system on Mt. Sugarloaf. It belongs to The Ozitel Network (Motorola

subsidiary) and here are the frequencies:











The description you gave of the control channel sound indicates it is a

Motorola Smartnet II system. it will be easy to track with the 780. You'll

probably hear commercial type users, but it's fun trying to work out who. A

lot of security companies use 800mhz trunking so there may be something


The One Steel Frequencies are a mystery. Is the plant still operating? They

could be part of an LTR system. The tell tale sign of an LTR system is a

pulse of carrier transmitted on all channels every 10 seconds. This is a

data pulse which steers all the radios to a free channel. The 780 will

track this system, but you have to have the frequencies in the right

sequence. I doubt this is an LTR system, but if you hear the carrier pulse,

tell me and I'll explain how to do it.

As to the other 800MHz frequencies you discovered, some may be Telstra

Mobile Data services frequencies. These transmit a weird buzz, they are

used by NSW police for their in-car MDT setup.

As for the VHF trunking frequencies, the only way to find out is to search

between 160 - 175mhz and listen for the Motorola control channel and then

determine the base frequency.

Good luck



<My Follow Up>

latest detective work, i was off freq yesterday. i found voice info on 869.6125 and a search on the aca found





all belong to Surprise "ozitel" i heard the 10 second spits you mentioned.

now how do i program it?



From BRAD 02/02

I can't remember how I found your page, however I love the Soundbytes you have. I previously lived in Newcastle and Hunter Valley, hoever now I am in Sydney (Parramatta / Holroyd) the readio channels here are all digital so the ordinary scanner can't pick them up.
I still like going home every now and then and hearing the old frequencies some alive.
While I was up there, I was a retained firies with NSWFB, in 220 stn, 376 stn then finishing at 349 stn (Bellbird, Merewether, Kurri Kurri)
Now I am pursuing my other career down here, looking back at your page and hearing the chatter is great. Well done.
Now, back to my original comment. I just downloaded P454 RedRedRed, one thing I notice with the comms people at Newcastle, they always sound asleep. I think it's D platton that are the culprits,. the officer receiving 454's Red msg sounds as if he hasn't even heard whats happening.
I had a similar thing at 349, we rocked up to a shed alight, however it had taken the house and had multiple exposures, as well as a car alight and a heap of fuel. Naturally we called RedRedRed... We were told to standby... Go figure.
Oh well, good job on the page, can't wait for more MP3's, I will try to get some created from the radio down here, I know some poeple in VKG Penrith, also I know a few pursuits that are going to court so I will try and get a copy of the tape (If possible.)
Take care, have fun.
From <name withheld> 02/02
Hi Newcastlescan,
I signed up with Tripod so that I could post to the message board. However, it stated that I have to contact the webmaster to be included.
My message was concerning a GRN talkgroup I heard early on the 16th Feb. (this morning) which is 46224. They were talking about the Westpac helicopter about the same time the chopper was landing at John Hunter Hospital. Could this possibly be John Hunter security? It sounded like them and given the timing it makes sense. Any thoughts or suggestions?
XXX, Newcastle
From <name withheld> 03/02

Hi NewcastleScan,

From what I remember last year, the referee could be heard on a number of

freq's that seemed to change at every home game. These were 777.700 MHz,

794.450 MHz and 795.850 MHz. These may be different this year. The referee

can easily be heard talking to the players throughout the game.

The ref can also be heard on XX.XXXMhz. I must stress that this frequency is

not suitable for your website as it is licenced to SportsEars that provide a

small VHF receiver at the game for paying participants. To put this freq on

your website could leave you open to litigation from Sports Ears and the

NRL. I suspect that Sports Ears pay a licence fee to the NRL to rebroadcast

the ref's freq. This is for your personal enjoyment only, as it is much

clearer than the 700 MHz frequency.

The music director at the ground could be heard on 484.600 MHz.

At Channel Nine games, the commentary team of Ray Warren, Sterling and

Vautin could be heard on 508.075 MHz. You can even hear them talking in the

commercial breaks about personal matters. If only they knew. During ad

breaks you can also hear Sterling do his little spiel that ends the

telecast, sometimes it takes him 10 takes to get it right. Meanwhile, time

is ticking for him to get it right as it must go to air within a limited

time. This is the best freq to listen to but it may change for this year.



<I forward this to keen footy scanner listener and all round legend Garry L. and here is his reply>

 I take scanners to each home and away game.
However, the frequency licenced by sports ears is just like any other frequency and can be heard with any decent scanner, If they don't want it heard they should encrypt it.
Security at any NRL game can not confiscate any gear that they have allowed into the gate to monitor any radio transmissions, when I go, I listenen to everything, not just the refs
Garry L
<a fair comment by  garry the only thing im aware of that we cant  tune is PAYTV and encrpyted digital police and other govt agencies oops and "telephones" everything else is open for us, the sports ears may pay right to use these freqs but there is nothing stopping us using a decent scanner to listen it as well because after all its not a subscriber system any other comments would be welcome)
From james F macdonald 03/02

We have car chases like this about once a week or at lease several a

month on the 800 Mhz Massachusetts State Police Motorola trunking

systems. The Staties us "Stop Sticks" put out on the road ahead of the

fleeing vehicle which puncture and deflate the vehicle's tires, to slow

down the fleeing car.

Us a Radio Shack PRO 90 for trunk tacking and RELM HS 200 for

conventional radio work. It's great to have the local

police on UHF working with the Staties during the chases and some times

the local, town or city police will start

the chase and the Massachusetts State Police will join in. Some times

they the chase even gos from one state into another!

The audio clip you provided sounded just like the chases around New

England right up to the ending with " subject in custody"



From shane, 04/02

Hi Guys,
Do you have any frequencies for the Singleton area? I am going there shortly for a week and would like to listen in....
<Anyone help please send the info to newcastle scan and we will forward it on>
From John, 04/02
Hi from Newcastle UK
Been having a look through your website and its very good.  I have a website called "Scan North" which deals with scanning in Newcastle, England.
Would very much appreciate it if you would link to my website.  As you can see I have now linked to you.
Interesting reading about scanning in the "other" Newcastle.
Kind regards,
John Malley
<Done Jim, guys check it out!>

<thank you jim for your comments, i wish we had more clear chase here but :( we dont>

04/02 From Brad Cooper



Hi there,

Just a quickie to say hi and great web page, I was scrolling through the

items on the page and found a typo of sorts that I wanted to let you know


On the police section, you describe the terms used by police over radio.

This is GREAT, I have not seen another website explain the terms thus far.

However, the term LIGHTARM is referred to as the hand held radar. The name

is actually LIDAR. Can't recall the break down, but it is the hand held

laser speed detection device used by HWP.

I am not aiming to offend or jump here, I think your page is great, I just

wanted to check this point with you, it does sound like lightarm when it's

said on air.

If you need clarification of anything or if I can help with anything, please

let me know.

Oh yeah, I am in the job, currently at holroyd LAC (Merrylands) near

Parramatta. However I am going to Broken Hill in 7 weeks, that should be


I came from Newcastle, years ago, moved to the lower hunter before joining

the police and coming here. I do enjoy hearing the clips you have on your

site, it seems Lake Mac is getting a few pursuits and fun things lately, are

they still flat out with mega delays to jobs? Heaps of people here are

trying to get there but it is so hard.

Anyhow, I look forward to the next interesting clip, If you monitor Lower

Hunter channels (Maitland/Cessnock etc) I would like to hear some good jobs

from there if you get any...


take care,


<Garrys reply>

Hi Brad,

I am so pleased that you enjoyed our site, both, mick and I are trying hard

to promote the hobby in Newcastle, and comments like yours are encouraging

Garry L

<its great to have kind words from the people the site is about, garry and i respect the hard job all these people do and thank them>

04/02 From Matt

Hi Gary - not a bad little catch.  What program do you use to convert
the audio to mp3 format - or do you record direct to mp3 format?  I have
only been able to save my audio files as .wav files, and they do tend to
take up more room or have lower quality levels, so I am interested to
hear how you do it.  I have spent many hours on the net looking around
for a good mp3 conversion program, but no joy.
04/02 From Craig
Hi love your site i just purchased an icom icR2 scanner and i live in port macquarie.
just a question do you know or can you please help me with programing these little machines i have had not much luck i seem to be able to get a few frequency's such as
these seem to be some sort of base station i hear news from all over the state but not much on port??
is there local frequency's i can manly just get local stuff or??
hard to fing anybody in this area who knows much about these scanners any help with frequency's or programing tips would be greatly appreciated.
04/02 From Beathy
Hi Gaz
great site mate, have recommended to a bunch of other friends
<05/02> From Richard
Hi there,
My name is Richard and I am the Communications Vice Captain for the AVCG NSW  Squadron.
Are you aware that there will be major changes to the MF/HF radio system operated by Telstra Maritime.  Come June 30th this year they will be no longer in operation.   TVNZ will taking over and with two brand new stations - one in Wiluna in WA and the other in Charleville QLD.    All Telstra Maritime operations will cease except for their VHF seaphone service.
TVNZ will not monitor VHF marine so the Coast Guard, Coastal Patrol and other maritime groups will have to make up or take over the short fall.
Australia will be split into two sections - basically down from Darwin to SA will be the break up line.   The old frequencies  that are currently in use for the reception of wx forecasts will be dedicated to the Eastern seaboard area and for the WA half they will have a new set of frequencies allocated.   Maydays, Pan Pans and securatay messages will all be given out at the same time and wx  forecasts will be 3 times a day all at once.  In other words  everyone gets it at the same time.
On your VHF Marine list  you can add along side channel 80  that this repeater is owned by the AVCG at Port Stephens.   I actually did the installation and it is on Mount Sugarloaf.   It costs us here at Port Stephens $2000 per year in rent fees and maintanence to the repeater.  The coverage is from Forster/Tuncurry in the North to well South of Sydney and 60 nm to sea.
Most of the Coast Guard and Coastal Patrol bases up and down the Coast use it.   It much better than their 2676 khz that the Coastal Patrol.  MF/HF is really only any good for distances greater than 60 nm  anything within that range VHF takes over.
2mz is pretty useless in daylight hrs and a 4 mhz frequency would of been a better choice.
Hope this information is helpfull to you  and I am on duty at Coast Guard Port Stephens most Saturday mornings unless there is a change.   You are most welcome anytime.   Our Coast Guard web address is  if you require further information.
Richard Osborne
Vice Captain of Communicatioins

<05/02>From Geoff

g'day guys!

just wanna say thanks for making the "sounbytes" available to download. im a

former NSWFB firie (from 316stn Goonellabah) and ive beem in qld for the

past 18 months. it was great to hear good ol Newcastle Comms, i dont think i

realised how much i missed it till i heard ur recordings. anyway, im now in

Brisbane and have my scanner hooked up to my pc. i am using Scanner Recorder

to record incidents up here. i have managed to record a few interesting jobs

such as a police car crash with the officer trapped and calling for help

from inside his car, and a QFRS job where a firefighter was killed on the

job. Scanner Recorder records .Wav files. im wanting to know if there is any

editing software that you guys use so i can edited the recordings that i

have. ur page is great! id love to create a similar page for up here in

brissie but i havent tackeled a webpage yet, and imnot really sure how to do

it yet. anyway, keep up the good work!



<05/02> From roderick

I'm not sure if you already know this, but you can search by "Organization Name", "Postcode"... etc on the Governments Webpage on ALL licenced radiocommunications users.
I have seen on your page that you have a picture of the antenna's on Strezlecki lookout, if you go to the following page and search for the postcode 2300 you will find all the frequencies and who owns them.   (Then click on "Radiocommunications Licences")
Roderick Breis

<keep sending em in>


email your letters today!


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